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From time to time your headset may get itself in a twist, below should help you resolve most issues such as no audio or not answering.

1st restart the phone incase the usb has stopped responding as it should.

Press and hold the X button down for around 10 seconds

After 10 seconds you should see the reboot option, choose yes

Once rebooted make sure the headset light is illuminated

Still no Joy?

Place your headset back on the base. Press and hold the button which looks like a laptop and at the same press and hold down the button with the picture of a telephone. Hold these both down together for 10 seconds and the base unit will factory reset.

On the odd occasion you may need to swap the USB socket on the base of the phone

Swap the USB Cable from 1 port to the other.

( Swap from 1 port to the other )

If you have swapped the port then please follow both steps above to restart the phone and reset the base for it to fully connect.


If this is a new headset have you connected the USB on the base to the correct port?

The ports on the bottom match the button on the top

Ie if your using a softphone such as Zoiper, this would go in slot 1 and if using a Yealink phone slot 2

As you can see the phone icon is illuminated, as in this example I only had a cable plugged in for a Yealink phone

In this example I show both usb's plugged in

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