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Stantistics Wallboard

Wall board gives you some great information without digging too deep.

  1. Total Number of calls made and received.
  2. Number of outgoing calls
  3. Number of incoming calls
  4. Current active calls
  5. Current calls ringing extensions.
  6. Number of answered incoming calls.
  7. Number of missed calls.
  8. ALOC. Average length of Call.
  9. ASR (Answer-Seizure Ratio). ASR is the percentage of answered calls.

This gives you an overview of calls made and received by individual extensions over a date range, which can be chosen below. By default this will be today's date. Our very top box gives you the overview of calls for the date range, and breaks it down to incoming and outgoing.

Choose you date range for deeper information by either using the predefined boxes on the left or select a date range. Highlight your start date with a left mouse click, then select your end date with a left mouse click. The over view at the top of the screen will update along with the more comprehensive extension list towards the bottom.

Here we get an overview of a couple of extensions. Each extension on your account will be displayed and contain the following information. Extension number.

  1. The extension description to help identify your user.
  2. Total number of calls for the search period.
  3. Total incoming calls.
  4. Average time it took the incoming calls to be answered.
  5. Total talk time for those incoming calls.
  6. The number of outgoing calls for the search period.
  7. Total amount of talk time for outgoing calls.
  8. How many missed calls this extension has had.

The extension list report can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Just click the blue Export button.

Accept the popup confirmation and then a download button will appear, click this to complete the download.

DDI will display all the inbound numbers attached to your account. This report just like the user summary can be exported to Excel and dates ranges chosen. Here we see

  1. Number and description.
  2. The total number of incoming calls.
  3. The total number of answered calls.
  4. Total number of missed calls.
  5. The average time to answer the call.
  6. The total talk time

The hours by day summary offers you an overview of calls received during each hour of the day or selected days. As with the previous 2 reports, you can choose a date range and export to excel.

The default time range is set for between 7am and 7pm, as this covers most working hours. You can changes the time by just left mouse clicking in the boxes and editing the time as required.

Remember to click the green tick when you have adjusted the time required.

So what does the report show us. You hourly time range from the dates chosen

  1. Total number of incoming and outgoing calls during this hour
  2. Total number of incoming calls
  3. The average time for these calls to be answered.
  4. Total talk time for incoming calls during this hour.
  5. Total number of outgoing calls
  6. Total talk time for the outgoing calls
  7. How many calls where missed during this hourly period.
  8. The speedometer chart shows the total number of calls in the hourly period.

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