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Stan Managing Contacts

Please note this does not apply to users who have Garage Hive

Before we look at managing contacts, please set your extension in the Account tab. The extension number needs to be correct for using the click to call feature.

Head over to the Contacts tab and then Internal Contacts. Internal contacts offer you a quick overview of the extensions with your organisation.

You can search by part or all of an extension number or description.

To dial an extension just click the extension number and a popup box will ask you to confirm. When you do this your handset will begin to ring, answer it and the extension you selected will be ringing.

External contacts feature the same click to call and search functionality internal contacts have however you have 2 columns to choose from, landline or mobile. To place a call just click the blue box with the number in. You can create, edit and delete external contacts

Finally, there is a box where you can enter a number to dial. This is really useful to copy and paste a number from a website or other application.

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