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Stan IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony menu system that enables the caller to choose options to route their calls.

In our example we will use 2 ring groups. 1 for sales and 1 for accounts.

If you need to record a message you have 2 options. 1st record on your mobile device and email to us so we can convert the file to mp3 for you and upload. 2nd option record your message from your Vostel handset dial *732 and enter your password following the online prompts. If you don't have your password for recordings, please submit a support ticket. We used option 2 in this example and it is a great idea to rename our greeting to something relevant. Login to Stan clicking the HashKey tab followed by the Greetings tab.

Click the edit button next to the recording you wish to rename.

Now change the name and click save once done.

Now choose the Back button to get back to the main HasKey tabs.

Choose IVR and click the Create button.

Lets start by giving our IVR a name. The extension number will be auto generated. Your first IVR will start at 5000 and each one after that will increment by 1 eg 5001. Choose the greeting you wish to use. I recommend you leave the timeout set to 3000 milliseconds. We now need to add the options to choose from so click the Add New button.

In our recorded greeting we said choose 1 for sales so choose 1 for the Option and our Destination is going to our Sales Ring Group. You can also choose to enter a description if you wish. We need to add our 2nd option so click the Add New button again.

We now enter our option 2 select Accounts Ring Group as our destination.

Our exit action is what happens to calls is no one chooses an option. In this example we would like it to go to our open voicemail.

If you wish to allow your customers to directly dial your extensions from the IVR menu, you can tick the Direct Dial box (you don't need to set these as options) Make sure the IVR is Enabled.

Enter a description if you wish and click Save.

So how would we make this live. Let go to our Numbers tab and make our number 01273123456 use the IVR. As you can see we are currently using the time condition 6000 to route the calls at different times.

Let's go to the Time Condition tab and edit our Time Condition 6000.

We just change out existing Destination from the Ring Group 2000 to our IVR on 5000 and then click save.

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