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Stan Divert

Login to Stan with your email address and password (pre-registration required).

Once logged in go to the HashKey Tab and then the Numbers Tab.

Here we find out where are calls are currently going to. Data starting with 6xxx is a time condition. 2xxx is a ring group. We want to edit the number 01237123456 which goes to a Time Condition 6000 so we need to know where the call goes to after this.

Choose the time conditions tab and click the edit button next to our time condition 6000.

Here we can see that the destination for our calls during working hours is Ring Group 2000

Click the back button

Click on the ring group tab and then click on the down arrow of our ring group 2000 that we need to edit.

Now click the edit button

Add the telephone number to forward calls to and then click save. That it. Calls will now be forwarded to the number requested during your open times. If you number just goes to a ring group and not via time conditions then calls with just go the forward number at all times.

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