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Stan Creating a Ring Group

The purpose of a ring group is to enable multiple extensions, or numbers to be dialed from one extension number.

Start by going to the Hashkey tab followed by the ring group tab.

Click the Create button.

Here we have a few fields to fill in. The name will be auto generated, our 1st ring group will be named RG2000 and each after that will be incremented by 1, EG RG2001. Timeout Destination allows us to send the call somewhere else if not answered. Call forward allows you to send the whole ring group to a destination of your choice, ie a mobile number. The greeting field allows you to play a recorded message to customers before ringing extensions. Let's give this a description so we can identify it later.

In this example I am just going to set our timeout destination to our open voicemail. Then click save.

Once saved a new section appears which allows us to add destinations. Click the add button to continue.

Lets start by adding our 1st extension 1000 to ring. We will go through the settings available further down in the instructions. Enter 1000 in the destination and then click save.

Now we will add our 2nd extension 1001. Click the Add New button again. Enter 1001 in the destination and then click save.

If our call is not answered we would like the call to try our mobile number. Here we will use some of the other features. 1st we add the mobile number the same as our previous examples. We have added a delay of 20 seconds. This will allow the extensions to ring 1st and if not answered the the mobile will start to ring. We have also enabled the prompt feature on the mobile number. This will play aprompt when you answer the call, there is an option to accept or reject the call. By enabling this feature if you mobile is out of signal or switched off, it prevents the call going to your mobile voicemail.

Lets talk about the timeout feature. If you have a Delay set as 0 and the timeout is 30 seconds on all devices, the call will ring for 30 seconds before going to the timeout destination. If we have set the delay on our mobile device for 20 seconds the total time before the call goes to our timeout is now 50 seconds. The extensions will both ring for 30 seconds but after only 20 seconds the mobile will start to ring. 10 seconds after this the extensions will stop ringing but the mobile will continue for another 20 seconds.

So how do we make this live with our phone number. Go to the numbers tab in HashKey.

Here we have 2 numbers. The 1st goes to a time condition and out 2nd goes to a ring group. Let's update the 01273987654 but choosing the edit button.

Currently you can see our destination is Ring Group 2000. Click the arrow to choose from the drop down.

Lets choose our new Ring Group 2001.

Now just click save and your done.

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