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Snom Firmware update

To perform a firmware update on your snom, you first need the ip address. Click on the help button and scroll down to get your ip address. Alternatively you can reboot your phone and watch it boot and this will display the ip address.

Now login in to your phone using a web browser and the ip address of the snom. If you phone was provisioned by us, the admin password will be the last 6 digits of your phones mac address all in lower case.

Once logged in. Choose software update on the left hand menu

On the manual Software Update section. Paste the firmware link supplied by us in to the firmware box, then click on the load button

The phone will now download and installed the software. This may take up to around 10 minutes.

The Snom will reboot to install the firmware. You may be asked as part of the firmware install to click the tick button on the handset.

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