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Oona Setup for Firefox


If you have not already registered for a Stan account, please head over to

Once you have received your activation email, pop in to Stan and add your extension number and generate your API Key.

Don't forget to click Update Profile to save the setting

Open the Firefox Web browser and click the 3 dashes on the right. With the window that opens choose Add-ons and themes.

Choose Extensions

In the fine more add-on search box enter oona and press the enter key.

In the search results you will see Oona, Select this,

Click Add to firefox

Click Add to the permissions.

Click OK.

Click the Oona Icon

Copy your API Key from your Stan user account and paste in to the API Key field, followed by your email address and click submit. If you enter your email 1st and then click away from the app to get your API Key from Stan, this box will close and loose your email address. Get your API Key 1st and then enter your email address.

Now Close and reopen your Firefox web browser.

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