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MS 365 Shared email folder (MAC)

Access a shared mailbox.

If you have full access to shared mailbox, this is how you add it to your folders for access. Open your Outlook on the web by going to []. Once logged in right click Folders on the left hand side menu.Choose Add shared folder.

Choose Add shared folder.

Start typing in the email address of the mailbox you have full access to. Once completed click the Add button.

You new mailbox should now be showing in OWA.

On the mac you should not be able to close Outlook and re-open for the folder to appear. If this fails to happen use the following steps

Add the shared mailbox as a contact in Outlook.

With Outlook open choose, file, open, select other users folder.

Enter the shared mailbox email address in the search field. Select the email address making sure the folder type is Inbox and click Open.

The folder will now be visible in Outlook as a separate email account folder.

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