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Groundwire Setup

Search for and download Acrobits Groundwire application from the app store.

Once downloaded open the application.

Allow access to your contacts.

Allow push notifications.

Add a generic SIP account.

Give the account a title(this can be anything but we are using vostel
your user name (as supplied by us)
your password (as supplied by us)
the domain/server name (as supplied by us)
The display name is what will show to other extensions you dial.


  • DO NOT prefix the domain name with http or https.
  • Copy/paste the password without spaces.

Next, select Advanced Settings and scroll down to Transport Protocol, set this to tls (sip).

Once complete click Save.

Now click settings.

Make sure incoming calls are set to Push Notifications. Then click Done.

Click OK to allow Notifications.

The phone will now start to register. The dashed green lines around the account name show this.

Once registered you will get a solid green line around the account name as below.

If you have your connection name is red, this means the account is not registered. Go back to your account and check or re-enter the settings.

If you still experience problems, please email for further assistance.

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