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Groundwire Call Transfer

There are two types of call transfer, blind and attended. A blind transfer puts a call through directly to an extension. An attended transfer allows you to announce the call to the person you are putting the call through to.

To blind transfer a call press the transfer button.

Your number keypad will appear.

Dial the number you wish to transfer the call to and press the green button. The call is now transferred. If that person is not available and voicemail is enabled, the caller can leave a message. Alternatively you can transfer a call to voicemail dial dialling *99 followed by the extension number ie *991002.

Attended transfer allows you to announce the call. click the att. transfer button.

Dial the extension to transfer the call too.

The extension will start to ring.

Announce the call and then click the transfer button.

If you would like to cancel the transfer at any time, press Cancel and then use the grey return to call button found on the bottom right.

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