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Feature Codes

Popular feature codes are highlighted bold. Some features are disabled by default, please contact us for help.

Description Code
Record specific messages Dial *732 and follow prompts
Access Your Voicemail Dial *97
Access Another Voice mailbox Dial *98 then the extension number, PIN of the mailbox you wish to access
Put a call through to Voicemail Dial *99<extension> to leave a voicemail or put a call through to voicemail
Call pickup Dial **<extension> to pickup another ringing extension
Global pickup Dial *886 to pickup whichever extension is ringing
Group pickup Dial *8 to pickup and extension in your group
Transfer a Call Dial *1 then destination, hangup to complete. Use this for phones without a Transfer button
Delay Echo Dial Dial *9195 Will echo after 5 seconds
Echo Test Dial Dial *9196 Useful to determine audio latency
Milliwatt Dial *9197 to test tone
Tone Test Dial *9198 for the test tone (Tetris theme)
Test Music on hold Dial *9664 to test music on hold
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