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Bitdefender Antivirus

The 1st thing you need to remove any old Anti Virus program installed on the pc. To do this 1. At the bottom left of the screen you have a box to type a search. Type the word control 2. You will see that it has found Control Panel as a match. Click on the control panel link.

When the control panel opens you should see on the left Programs and a link, Uninstall a program.

If uninstall programs was not showing. You can type programs in the search field and then click add or remove programs instead.

Now you need to scroll down to find the Anti Virus program you have installed. Once found highlight the program by clicking on it (in this example we are uninstalling Bitdefender) and you will see the option Uninstall appear. Click Uninstall once you have highlighted the application.

Now follow any onscreen prompts to uninstall the Anti Virus software. Once complete you can close the control panel.

To install Bit Defender click on the link supplied in your email to download the product.

Once downloaded double click the link to begin the install.

If you get the following security box pop click yes.

The install will now start.

Once completed click finish.

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